Thursday, March 13, 2003

Sheesh, do you ever feel like your whole life is just... changing? Yeah, stupid questions, but like, more so then ever before? It has for me... I use to be obsessed with R/Hr fanfiction... now, that's changed. Don't get me wrong, I still ship R/Hr and H/G always and forever, but fanfiction altogether has just lost its glow. I use to just be jumping for joy to go read some fanfiction, now I'm just... not. I play The Sims Online way more then I should, but I can't help it. I don't even check my e-mail hardly ever anymore. I've been neglecting my school work, which is really bad since I was really a straight A student. It's not all just because of The Sims Online, but I'm just getting lazier. My priorities have changed and that's wrong. I hope I can snap it back together again soon... maybe I'll actually start writing again, which, yes, I have also been neglecting. Scary huh?

Monday, February 17, 2003

Oh YES! I have finally finished chapter 16 on The Ever Complicated Life As a Married Couple! Woo hoo!!! Go me! It's posted and everything! After, umm, what 4 months it's finally finished! I'm so bad with getting my chapters in on time, and I'm sorry to anyone out there who was sitting there waiting forever! To chex it out go to the link on the side labed My Fics. The story is one chapter away from being finished and I'm SO happy! Can you believe people are starting in on me wanting a sequel?! Oh my, don't even want to think about it yet!


Friday, February 14, 2003

*sigh* Yes, I know that The Ever Complicated Life As a Marred Couple is still not posted... but... It's all the fault of The Sims Online! I have been SO obsessed with that game! More than anything else! Just know that I have started it, it's not exactly half way done... but it's not like I haven't started it yet! But really people, I have been so busy lately! School work is SO hard, and I'm telling you, I can't wait for the summer! Even though I'm taking summer school (no I'm not stupid, I'm doing it so I can get my credits finished with :-p ) I will definitly have more time considering I'm just going to be taking P.E. Don't you hate P.E.? I know I do! I'm just not that athetic at all!


Saturday, January 25, 2003

Well, I have come to find that I am just as lazy as the next Joe! I wouldn't be surprised if people just stopped reading The Ever Complicated Life As a Married Couple simply just because I haven't updated in months! I am, however, working on it so if there is anyone out there awaiting chapter 16, just know, it hasn't been forgotten about!

I have just been down to Barnes and Nobles to go and pre-order my Harry Potter and The Order of the Pheonix! Yay! Go me, now I am for sure gonna get one! For anyone out there who is planning on just going up and buying one without your name being on it, I suggest you rethink it. I mean, you could try it your way, however, you have a good chance at not getting one. Just for your information, you don't have to take my word for it, really.

I have also been really upset lately by some H/Hr fans who seem to be think that Harry has been sitting in the flower bed (excerp from the 5th book), dreaming about Hermione! That makes me so mad! I sincerely doubt he is thinking about anything except maybe Voldemort and dear Cedric. No, he is NOT thinking about Hermione's little peck on the cheek! Dang!

Sorry, I can get pretty upset sometimes... *shrugs* Oh well. If there are any other R/Hr fans out there, I suggest you take my link over there to The Sugar Quill and take trip over there! It is an extremely wonderful enviroment positively packed with other loyal R/Hr fans! CHEX it out!

Later all!

Sunday, January 12, 2003

Well, here we are again! I'm posting!

Okay, yesterday I just posted chapter four to Love Found At Summer's End, a very fluffy Harry Potter fic centered around the shippings Ron/Hermione and Harry/Ginny. You no like those pairings, you no read! I must say I'm more proud of this fic than my others that I happen to very much dislike! To check out this fic you're gonna have to click on the My Fan Fics link over just yonder. <----
Whoa, my first blog! Would you believe it! I can't believe it! But hey, believe it!

I'm gonna be using this page of mine for such things like entering my fanfiction, my personal stories and links and all that wonderfulness. I don't if people read blogs often, but hey, if there is anyone out there, I would like to shout out hey! Once I figure out what I'm doing I think this place will be alittle more, uh, interesting... I hope...