Saturday, January 25, 2003

Well, I have come to find that I am just as lazy as the next Joe! I wouldn't be surprised if people just stopped reading The Ever Complicated Life As a Married Couple simply just because I haven't updated in months! I am, however, working on it so if there is anyone out there awaiting chapter 16, just know, it hasn't been forgotten about!

I have just been down to Barnes and Nobles to go and pre-order my Harry Potter and The Order of the Pheonix! Yay! Go me, now I am for sure gonna get one! For anyone out there who is planning on just going up and buying one without your name being on it, I suggest you rethink it. I mean, you could try it your way, however, you have a good chance at not getting one. Just for your information, you don't have to take my word for it, really.

I have also been really upset lately by some H/Hr fans who seem to be think that Harry has been sitting in the flower bed (excerp from the 5th book), dreaming about Hermione! That makes me so mad! I sincerely doubt he is thinking about anything except maybe Voldemort and dear Cedric. No, he is NOT thinking about Hermione's little peck on the cheek! Dang!

Sorry, I can get pretty upset sometimes... *shrugs* Oh well. If there are any other R/Hr fans out there, I suggest you take my link over there to The Sugar Quill and take trip over there! It is an extremely wonderful enviroment positively packed with other loyal R/Hr fans! CHEX it out!

Later all!